Be Creative Zone

Be Creative Zone is an ECO Art,
STEAM Loving, 501c3 Organization

We save stuff from the landfill for Art, Upcycling
and other Creative Repurposing projects. 

Programs that Go Circular 

What does it mean to GO Circular? To “Go Circular” means you are mindful of what role(s) you play in the Circular Economy and actively seek mitigation. The circular economy is an economic model that aims to eliminate waste and promote the sustainable use of resources. In a circular economy, products and materials are reused, repaired, or recycled rather than being discarded after a single use. 

Raw Materials, Design, Production, Distribution, Consumption,
Collection, Recycling, Landfill or ReUse

Going Circular ♻ w/Socks

Used Socks are Still Usable Socks
While socks are a seemingly small problem, consider that a 11,300 tons of them end up in landfills yearly. 

Getting Creative with Socks can Extend the Life of Socks

Socks for ReUse

1. Clean Socks
2. Sort Socks by Color
3. Cut Socks into Ringletts
4. Make Sock Rope 
5. Sew Sock Rope into Rugs

Going Circular ♻ w/cardboard rolls

Calculate how many rolls you use in a year. Multiply that by 100,000 households.  

What’s inside the center of a toilet paper roll?
A thin cardboard tube, that can be upcycled into something new.

According to Kimberly-Clark 17 billion toilet-roll tubes get thrown away every year.

Let’s Get Creative with Toilet-Roll Tubes  

Socks for ReUse


1. Make paper pulp from rolls
2. Strain liquid pulp
3. Let dry
4. Choose card decorations
5. Make card & decorate

Going Circular ♻ w/BeachFinds

Monthly Beach Cleanups
Every month Surfrider holds beach cleanups in San Diego. Be Creative Zone has teamed up with Surfrider to take their beach cleanups to the next level. Volunteers dump their beach finds into our tubs. We then sort into Returnables ($$), recyclables (blue bin) and before it goes into trash, we treasure hunt for items we can clean and use in creative art projects

Getting Creative Beach Finds

1. Collect ECO Art items from Cleanups
2. Clean Found Items
3. Sort Found Items by colors
4. Use Found Items in Art projects.

Socks for ReUse

Education Partner

Community Partner

Be Creative Zone partners with our community to source used but still usable items. We clean, sort and store these still usable items for use in Art, Upcycling and other Creative Repurposing projects. 

Source of Socks: Rancho Coastal Humane Society Thrift Store, Hospice of the North Coast Resale Shop, Goodwill Outlet Store. All Socks are Cleaned, Sorted and Cut to re-usable size. 

Beach Finds from monthly beach cleanups with Surfrider. (3rd Sat month at moonlight beach) We have partnered with Surfrider to sort all of the items their volunteers find; Returnables ($$), recyclables (blue bin) and before it goes into trash, we treasure hunt for items we can clean and use in creative art projects

Paint and other used still good creativity supplies – We work with  a variety of organizations and businesses that understand, (in many cases), 1/2 used art supplies are still usable. We help save these used art supplies (clean, sort & store) that were once destine for the landfill. 

Industry Partners – Zero Waste San Diego & SD Fixit Clinic

Community of Creatives – San Diego Makers Guild and local eco artisans. 

Sourcing Materials – JDog Junk Removal, local cleanout specialists and network of Eco Minded people.

Possible Funding Sources

Funding Classes
1. Parents Pay All or Partial
2. Possible Foundation Funding – (Part or All.)

Rugs can be created for:
– Auction Items at next Fundraiser
– Donated to local Dog Shelter
– Kids can bring home

Entire School Involvment
Interested in getting your entire school involved.  We can offer this class as in school program too. Each classroom could potentially create one rug. Then, if the foundation has a gala or fundraising event, we can auction off the rugs at that time. This gives a unique art-making classes to the entire school and it raises money for the foundation, potentially covering the costs of the program and beyond.