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Supplies - Glue, Ruler, Scissors, magazines, lids

Paper Art from Magazines

Fun for All Ages – This class is designed for ages 6 -12 but our instructors will create challenges and opportunities for all ages including adults. Parents of students feel free to join in the Creative Fun.

Supplies Needed
Something to cover your work surface: I use a grocery bag (cut open),  or something similar.

1. A plastic lid:  A cottage cheese lid works well for larger projects. Any lid approximately 4 and 1/2 inches in diameter will do.
2. A jiffy peanut butter lid or similar, approx 3 inches in diameter for smaller projects.
3. A toilet paper roll, especially for smaller projects.
4. White school glue. Craft type glues may be too thick.
5. A pencil, pen, or sharpie.
6. A ruler 
7. Scissors    
8. A few clothespins, large paper clips, chip clips or office binder clips. 
9. String: 10 to 12 inches long for hanging your finished art.



Age –  6 -12 and up

Date – 
Saturday, June 26th 2021

Time – 1:00 – 3:00 Pacific

Location – ZOOM
(Zoom link will be sent with confirmation)

Instructor – Terry Wilcock

FEE – FREE for Students (and their parents)

Class Supplies Needed – See list
(Be Creative Zone has lots of magazines. Call for pickup location.)

If you have any questions:
Contact – 760-633-3012



ECO Art Class