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Be Creative .Zone
Live  –  Work  –  Play  –  Learn  –  Heal 

Phase I  – Create the base (sans a huge corp alliance)
Start to build a working model of larger plan, one piece and alliance at a time.

Main Focus

Raise Seed Capital/Donations for Be Creative .Zone 501c3
to fund “The Creatives Fund” and create a sustainable revenue engine:

1.  Land donations using “Power of Purpose” systems and legal team

Additional Cash Flow, Support for Creatives  & Community

1. Provide affordable retail outlet for creatives .
–  Secure and create retail store
–  Sell donated Art and Antiques
–  Sell creative community creations

2.  Secure space in Art Shows, Farmers Markets and other shows for creative community.

3.  Junky into Funky – Trash to treasure up-cycle/recycle program

STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math


4. Provide/Create a Support & Promotion System – Can’t promote yet!

BeCreative.Zone – 501c3 presence, donation, mentors, community programs and alliance hub – portfolios of creatives   
     revenue from advertising & sponsors $ –  micro patrons, mentors, muses  & connections
create support movement – working with movement makers 
     revenue % of gift transactions $

     BeMuseMe MAG –  promotion, articles about creatives community 
     revenue advertising & sponsors $

Future Phases

1. Provide Affordable
– modest living
– work spaces and studios
– entrepreneurial education

2. Create Programs to connect creatives with the Community
– programs with Seniors, Veterans, At Risk Youth etc….

3. FREE Creative Education for Kids.
Creative classes are getting taken out of the curriculum.