Donate Fine Art, Antiques, and Musical Instruments

What kind of Art and Antiques will we take? At this time, ONLY high ticket items that require NO refurbishing.

We plan to have our “Junky into Funky” program going in the near future.  When it is OPEN, that program will be accepting other items for our up-cycle program. If you are not sure the item will fit our current shop, please send us a picture of the item in question before you drop off.

When: Contact us before you drop off.

Where to drop off.

Be Creative .Zone
c/o Fire and Mud Studios
1565 Creek St #106
San Marcos CA 92196


IRS Charitable Donations Code –

NOTE: While junky to funky is a program I want for phase I, I don’t have a location for all the stuff nor the money personally to rent the space for it. I’d like to have a Donate Junk page too, but then I have this issue. So the junky to funky can only happen once we’ve raised enough from the art donations.  So somehow we need to enlist them in the dream of Junky to Funky by helping us get  land, art and cash donations.