Working towards….
Sustainable, Ecological, Creative – LIVE, WORK, PLAY, LEARN, HEAL
for Creatives and those communities we serve.
Proceeds go toward providing low cost programs for members.

Phase I
Farmers Market / Art Show Booth

For Members Art/Creative

BeMuseum Boutique –
(brick and mortar/online)
– Take in donations of Art and Antiques
– Sell Members Art/Creative output gallery
– Sell Art and Antiques Donations
– Rent-able member space
– All funds go to support our mission

Junky into Funky workshop space
– Memberships
– Donation of Junk and Up Cycle goods
– Hire veterans/seniors/homeless/etc to sort and come up with creative ideas for classes.
– Classes to upcycle and create art
– Rent-able work/class space.

Phase II and beyond
to complete the LIVE, WORK, PLAY, LEARN HEAL