Be Creative .Zone
Live  –  Work  –  Play  –  Learn  –  Heal 


To create an environment for creatives to thrive doing what they love to do and to foster creativity for all.

Culture Comes Alive when Creativity Thrives


1. Creatives don’t like to promote themselves

2. People don’t value creatives work, starving artist . Creativity and Creatives are underutilized in our communities to solve problems & enrich culture


1. Provide a Support & Promotion System – Can’t publicize this yet! – community of muses (fans) – community of micro patrons – connections – promotion

2. Provide Affordable – modest living – work spaces and studios – entrepreneurial education – retail space

3. Create Programs with the Community –  to integrate creatives talent to heal –  to inspire more creativity –  to breath life back into our culture


Phase I