for Zen-Like and Thought Provoking Creative projects
to BE MUSE and to make an ECO Difference too.

Be Creative Zone (501c3 an eco art & creativity non profit) is looking for people who understand there is still value in stuff that most people throw away. In order for people once again see the value of stuff it needs to be processed; deconstructed, cleaned, sorted and stored, ready for creative browsing and reuse.

Be Creative Zone is looking for people who LIKE to clean and SORT to get stuff ready for Re-USE. It is a great outlet to calm the mind or give your fidgety hands something to do. It is Zen Work, mindless mindful work that makes a difference for Be Creative Zone and your projects too. Let the stuff you work with be your muse.

The end goal is give you an environment to Be Mused by stuff as well as allow you and other creatives to Re-Use the stuff we save. Once stuff is processed the creative process begins. BE CREATIVE and make useful things; from fine art to useful creative crafts. Your imagination is truly the limit.

Every Wednesday at a private garage in Carlsbad (check this meetup page for active opportunity dates). We currently have a few projects in our Junky into Funky program.

1. Beach Finds from Beach Cleanups with Surfrider.
– Collect Beach Finds at monthly Beach Cleanups
– Clean Found Items
– Sort Items by Color
– Be Creative

2. Sock Rugs and other useful items from old socks.
– Clean Socks
– Pull out perfectly good socks for Re-Distribution to those in need.
– Sort by Color
– Cut Socks into Ringlets (with cutter wheel)
– Make Sock Rope (we are working with school kids/seniors to do this step)
– Sew Sock Rope into Rugs or other useful items
Great Fund Raiser for Schools too. 60/40 (60 school / 40 Be Creative Zone)

3. Making Recycled 3D Printer Filament
– Not up and running yet, but looking for a few people to run with this.
– We have a 3D printer to work with
– We have a network of Makers that have a ton of scraps to recycle

4. Make Pulp for Paper Making
– tear paper and toilet paper rolls into small pieces
– blend in blender
– bag for future use

5. Business and Operations Assistance
– Help us Raise Money
– Help us find a donated or inexpensive Forever Home, (1000 sf warehouse space optimal)
– Organize, take pictures of/inventory stuff we have a lof of.
– List items we are collecting (requires larger facility)
– Create Inventory System of Stuff (coming in and going out)
– Come up with creative uses for the items in inventory.
– Looking for a few dedicated retired eco creative enthusiast to help us grow.

We welcome your assistance on every step of these projects. Let us know if you have any groups that could benefit from this type of volunteer work.

6. Creatives and Makers – If you would like to work on the CREATION side, please contact Kristi Stone. (use form below) We can give you a tour of our stuff ready for use. Most items are free on the pick and 60/40 on the sold side. (60 creative / 40 Be Creative Zone)

Deconstruct, Clean, Sort and Store to Be Creative!

Best way to get involved is to fill out the contact form below. Let us know what area of our ECO Art and Creativity Organization you are interested in. Choose an area that makes your heart sing. We will send you all of the ways to stay in touch with us and notify you when new opportunities come up.

Feel Free to ask me any questions and I look forward to meeting you.

Kristi Stone
Founder and Chief Muse

YES! I am interested in Volunteering.
Please send me details.